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Looking through the posts from the previous weeks I can see that I talk a lot about day light, or rather the lack thereof.  But somehow, the gloominess of the days are not getting to me as much this year. I think partly  its because i have decided to let the rhythm of the season decide my tempo. If the sun starts setting about one p.m and there is an on-going sunset until its gone at about 4 p.m I don't see how that can´t affect us. Our bodies are programmed to slow down towards the night. Of course I can't go to bed at 4 p.m.,  but I realize that moving slower and having less ambition about what to get done in a day reduces my feeling of stress. And I think it rubs off on the kids too. I try to make them feel that its ok to be a bit slower. This is not a perfect calm, there are day where it falls apart. I cant divorce myself from my work responsibilities or the restrictions of their school schedule, but I do feel that I have found a little space where I have control. 

Also I am taking an online photo class even helps me make friends with the little light there is in a creative manner.

This weekend has been particularly grey - typical for mid-November - but I have used lots of candles and the knowledge that there are kindred spirits - like the Hilltop Hausfrau - to help me get through the long North-of-the-Northern Hemisphere evenings.  I also need to remember that, in just a month, the light will start changing again towards the better!

I hope you had a nice weekend and I wish you a good week....!




This appears to have been the last weekend of autumn. This morning the streets of Oslo are covered with snow there is no denying it now-  I guess winter i here.



 Linking up with Amanda over at the habitofbeing for a bit of weekending

 ** Brought the camara to a used winter equpment market. We gotta get ready for the new season, and let me tell you winter gear for 5 people ain't cheap!  But here in the land of snow there are ski flea markets. They are brilliant! you can bring in the stuff your kids outgrew and they will sell it for you, at a commission and you can get excellent bargains on "new" stuff. The markets are set up by the local ski clubs, and managed by parents. The profits fund the clubs. I LOVE both the economics and the recycling aspect of these events.

**We also touristed in our own town on Sunday. Oslo is building out and recaiming its shoreline. Whole new sectons are popping up, and at the tip of land pointing out into the harbour a new modern art museum has popped out. The Astrup Fearnly Museum. Its is a beautiful building complete with a public playground and beach.

**I fell in love with the benches -  with trees and all!

**There where sibling love in the last light of the afternoon

**There were several cups of coffee 

**Then there was time for a proper preparation of the week to come. 

*** I am ready - hope you had a good one too, and hope you have a great week!***



Since the end of summer, our weekends has had a tendency to turn into "workends" The turn of the season requires so much planning and work. There are whole wardrobes to change and replenish. There are winter duvets to search for in the over crowded attic. The whole family tries to settle into a new rhythm allowing for  individual schedules. I sometimes feel like a juggler with all this going on ... and let's not forget that all the "regular" tasks in a household needs that to be tended as well. As a working mom, the weekend often is the only time when all the mundane parts of the mommy job can be done. The problem, of course, is that there are conflicting interests - it is the weekend, after all - I want to sleep in, drink that extra cup of coffee (or extra two cups of coffee!) unhurried.  I want to play with the kids, work on new craft ideas, and just spend long, unstructured hours with my peeps.  

So, my Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) resolution is to WEEKEND every now and then.  Let the laundry stay that way another day or two.....

And boy, did we have a good first weekend in this new year!

We have cooked, gone for autumnal walks, picked apples, had a grand time with old friends and taken the time to see the light of September turn into the smoky blue light of October. 

I love that light and the smell of the air this time of year. I love how our noses turn cold and red. I love the hurry up and slow down that is fall here up north.




I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so this weekend has been about slowing down, finding a better rhythm and enjoying the little things, such as:

:: finding these beautiful, locally produced, organic free range eggs in a neighborhood shop

:: baking cookies. You must try these

:: my husband and I spending time with the middle child

:: long baths



This weekend, the first one in September, was kind of a slow one.

- just a little bit of little girl pampering.


- and a little bit of holliday preparations.  Rosh Hashana is just right around the corner. Hopefully I will have some bragging pictures to show off before the hollidays.  We'll see - you know - man plans, G-d laughs!

- I did not get around to these shelfs ... but then there is always next weekend.....