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Technical struggles

Dear friends!
I am currently suffering from a minor technical setback, related to a Mac left on the kitchen table, a glass of water and one of my children ( who shall remain nameless) I do not much like typing on my phone, but I just really wanted to share with you the lilacs that are blooming all over my neighborhood. The ones in the picture frame the entrance of my appartement building. The scent is amazing!
Hope you are having a wonderful spring!


this moment


- A Friday ritual.

A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Inspired by soule mama

I would love it if you shared your moment with me in the comments section aswell!

  Happy weekend!


Spring thoughts

Like most Norwegians, I naturally talk a lot about the weather since we have so much of it here. The really long, dark winters makes us very eager for spring to come with its bright and early mornings, birds, warmer weather and budding trees. Over the past decade spring has literally sprung earlier and earlier. There is now firm evidence that the growing season in Norway is 3 weeks longer than it used to be.

I can see the evidence myself - on our little island property, there is a cluster of 3 huge walnut trees. According to my neighbor, they were planted under much fuzz and care when she was a child, more than 60 years ago. She grew up with them. Apparently the excitement was big when the first nuts were formed, but, for as long as she can remember, they never ripened enough to eat or to produce new plants. About four years ago she pulled me over one morning, excitedly pointing to some greenery on her property. At first I did not see it but then, I noticed a tiny little walnut tree. Now they are all over our lot and hers. This is tactile proof that something is happening. Walnuts do not grow wild in Norway or at least they never did before.

This spring, on the other hand, feels like the springs of my childhood. The kids are still wearing hats. The trees seem to wait with budding and may even make it into May before they do. This makes it so tempting to think that everything is on its way back to normal. I so want to believe the climate skeptics with their "it’s only natural fluctuations" arguments. Meanwhile there are climate scientists quitting their jobs because they can’t bear thinking about the implications to the planet that their data is showing. I understand them. Global warming is an unbearably difficult topic.

Even though I think that it is not covered nearly enough in the popular media, there was an article recently in the local newspaper about how the polar melting accelerates. The record melting last year resulted in large expanses of open dark water up at the North Pole.  The dark ocean retains heat and attracts the sun where the white ice used to reflect the rays and heat back upward.  As the sun's heat returns to the North, more melting occurs and so a viscous cycle is started. This, paradoxically, is causing our spring to be a lot colder. 

A few days later there was a report in the same paper about how the Arctic nations are splitting up rights to the pole to go after the natural resources – mostly oil and gas – which exist up there.  Obviously, the oil companies don’t believe the skeptics and are making expensive moves on the basis that the climate is changing.  There is way too much short-term benefit from exploiting melting poles for us to expect industry to control themselves.  We need government action and we need it now – politicians need our vote and it’s time we made them take long-term and sustainable decisions before it is too late. 




Oh what a weekend! We got the bikes out, had sleep overs and served big, sweet breakfasts to lots of kids! We cleared away the heaviest of the winter gear, made Sushi and enjoyed Vigeland Sculpturegarden.  

On the bike ride we happened to come across an American football match at Frogner Stadion.  So strange to see all the quintessentially American-style, big padded players with commentary on the loudspeakers in Norwegian.

This was an ice rink just a few weeks ago, though, as you can see, there are still heeps of snow left unmelted.

In the Vigeland park I came over this wrought iron gate that I have never noticed before. Maybe it caught  my attention because I have been thinking a lot about parenthood this weekend. The intensity and the unconditional love that are expressed in this image moved me. Seeing this gate I was reminded that I am only borrowing my children for a short period of time.  I am so greatful that I truly like them. I like seeing them growing into personalities. I hope I can cotinue to love them unconditionally and that they may always feel my love for them. 


yellow and lilac



Looking around the blogs it seem Spring is late all over the Northern Hemisphere this year. It has been very cool here in Oslo. I am not complaining though. I like a slow Spring. It gives me time for the proper transition between seasons. The cleaning and putting away of the winter gear, taking out the summer clothes, and, best of all, making something new just for Spring season. I have tilted completely on the combination of yellow and lilac and, with the Oliver+S book Little Things To Sew in my hands, I found some left-over fabrics and made this little ear hat for baby A. She loves it! The pattern is actually a little bit too big for her so I will have to take it in a bit to have it properly protect her little ears on cool Spring mornings. We both just adore it though. I think its the perfect "piece" for her going  into spring beautiful yet very functional.


Or maybe  it's these lovely potato flowers that are causing my color hang up? Yes I am growing potatoes in flower pots in my living room. It is all part of my grand vision for homesteading on the fourth floor - a small step in the direction of urban farming, if you will. I am planning herbs on the balcony and maybe some gralic and a potato tower in the courtyard? I  really want to try out a few different things this year all in the spirit of learning good planning for next year. How is your Spring getting on?


southern moments

Instead of the more regular "this moment" I decided to share some moments and impressions form our recent trip to the South east of the USA. I love going to the south in spring - something about the beauty of the threes whos leaves have not come in yet contrasted with all the threes who flower. And even if it was unseasonably cold, even wet a few days and I missed the blooming of the Dogwoods I still fell like I get to have spring twice! 


 Enjoy you weekend!