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Does in the clearing


I'v been working on this project on and off since early April - which is when I really did need it, but as "luck" has it- we are having a very cold June so far , so I am sure I will get some use of this twin set before the full summer sets in. 

There's really not that much work involved, but my days are full of so much other stuff that just has to be done - like most peoples days I guess - so this upcycled merino twin set has been pushed down on the priority list.

I love wool twin sets, but, although a good wool sweater will last you a long time if you take care of it correctly,

 they do fade. They either get stained, shrink just that wee bit so that they fall  out of shape or, inevitably, one of these pesky runaway holes occur. 

My problem is that I find most wool garments to be too good to throw away and so I have a box full of both mine and my husband's in the attic.  I have all sorts of ideas of what to do with them, and, writing this post, I am not just a little proud of having finally put one of those ideas into reality. 

And I had such a good time doing it!  I took this slightly out of shape turtle neck twin set and turned it into a short sleeved shirt T-shirt, with a shirt colar and added cuffs to the arms of the jacket, with the leftover fabric from the cut of arms.  I hid the runaway holes with little yo-yos and embroidered flowers.

The fabric I used is old bed linen  (I just don't throw anything away!) I had such a grand time making it. One of the highlights of this project was to buy the fresh skeins of embroidery yarn. It brought back the memory of going to this tiny speciality embroidery store with my mother . I remember the magic in there - all the neatly organized skeins in the old fashioned glass counter- I so wanted to play with them! And you know; the literal translation of the Norweigan word for a tiny skein of embroidery yarn is a "doll!" 

So I have been enjoying "my new dolls"  this spring and, for the cost of those small pieces of yarn, I have a perfectly  fresh twin set - I must say I feel quite thrifty today! 

Here is another idea for thrifting an old woolen cardigan, although it is not the season yet!


Jam jar lamp 

I am obsessed with lamps lately. It must be the constant dusk that we have up here midwinter. So on Friday afternoon I decided to turn an old jam jar into a fun lamp  for Baby A's room. Her room IS coming along btw- but the lack of light ( I sound like a broken record) prevents me from taking any decent pictures to show off. So instead I am going to show you how I made this lamp.


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Miniature crochet bunting!

Miniature crochet bunting - turned out to be the perfect holiday project.

(If you want the pattern please get in touch.)


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