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Palstic, not so fantastic

When I started blogging about a year ago, one of my motivations was to find a small public space to share my fears and concerns for this planet.  I hoped to bump into like-minded people in the blogosphere - mainly to curb a growing feeling of despair, a feeling that nobody cares. After a year, I have found a few fellow travellers for which I am very grateful.  But I have to admit, I find it hard to write about envronmentalism, I dont want to sound like a downer or be seen to rant, and so I mainly keep it to small, well-wrapped points.

Even if it might be a depressing subject, sometimes I have to share my thoughts - and some sad and disturbing, but also beautiful images - on plastic.


I think I have been concerned about where we are heading as a planet since my childhood. My parents has a summer house - actually what used to be an old homestead on one of the islands in the middle of Norway's long east coast.  The island is just below the polar circle and facing the north Atlantic. I remember standing on its highest hill looking westwards. My father would say west of this spot were the boathouses of Iceland, then America.  

What I remember even more strongly is what he made me aware of on one of our post storm walks. It was early spring - the weather was rainy and uninviting, but the little beach coves were beautiful with white sand.  The water was green and glassy and so clear that you could see several meters underwater - the marine life and seaweed were all on display and were so beautiful, the images still so strongly emblazoned in my mind.  

The seagulls were there, preparing their nests, protecting their eggs and chasing us from the hilltops with their screams.  

I remember on that rainy walk the first time I watched my father walk out on the beach of one of our favorite coves to clean up the debree that was laying, spread out on our beach - mostly plastic packaging, some with foreign languages printed on them,  There were lighters, plastic bottle caps, and old pieces of plastic fishing nets.  My father, in the colorful language popular with men of his age in this remote corner of the world, used to angrily denounce the litterbugs and wonder, rhetorically of course, whether these people just thought this junk would disappear if they threw it from their boats.  It made me worry that my pristine little paradise, far away from almost everything else, was becoming a liquid garbage dump ... and this was in the mid-1970´s.  

I already started worrying if there was more garbage then we humans could ever handle..... 

MIDWAY - Plastic Beach from Midway on Vimeo.

The images I share in this space today show that humans are overwhelming themselves with plastic.  Does this mean that fighting devastating pollution is a lost cause? I don't think so. But I do think that we need to address the way we consume as individuals. I think our consumption has become a moral issue rather then an issue of private preferences.  When I watch these images I can no longer defend buying single-use plastic bottles, plastic straws for parties or silly little plastic toys to use to stuff party favors.  The holidays are coming up and I am seriously considering composing a holiday greeting card, asking friends and family not to give us anything plastic or plastic wrapped. Now would that be offensive or would it be ok for me to stand up for what I believe in, in a very practical way? 

In any case I will continue  to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!   

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