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New in my kitchen

Four new crafty things emerged from my kitchen this week - something colorful to wear, something colorful on which to sit, some colors to stream and some colors to color ...

 We recently celebrated Lini-Beans birthday - she's nine- I cant believe it!

I made her this ruffled camisole as a,gift, with a free pattern from Oliver + S. The fabric is from Liberty. Such a luxury to sew with. It's light, smooth and supple with a beautiful drape to it. I had to add an extra row of ruffles because I had cut one a little too narrow - so rather then making the whole camisole a bit shorter, I cut one more frill and adjusted the others. A happy accident in the end - I think. 

This new-to-us couch is a total recycle - we got it from the attic of our apartment building after a resident from long ago left it in the common space assuming someone would take it or throw it away.  The covering throw was made in Cape Town, SA from recycled t-shirts.  The bunting I made the night before the celebration of Lini- Bean's B-day. I really needed someting festive for the morning party in the kitchen, and since I have banned all plastic in the house (no baloons) I had to come up with something.  I always thought making bunting was so hard, but I whipped these up in no time!

New water colors. To seldom I find the time to do this with the kids, but we so enjoy when we do find the time!


certain signs of Spring!

Sprouting cress - YES!


Weekend - mess!

Yesterday morning I read in our local newspaper that a major trend we all are living under is perfectionism. According to a panel of three Scandinavian personalities we are all trying to market our self as super successes. One of the interviewies made the point that it is no longer enough to be good at one thing. We have to be good in many arenas to feel good about ourselves. And, according to this article, we are using social media to get our message across. We post pictures of  fantastic dishes and happy children on Facebook and in our blogs.  

There is nothing new here - I have often seen it noted that we only show our good side on Facebook. Nothing really strange about that  - our underwear isn't worn on top, is it?  No, wanting to put our best foot forward is nothing new.  What is new is that the public has moved right into our homes via the computer and we need to learn new ways to regulate our interaction in the new public sphere.

I don't find this aspect of social media troubling at all. The good far outweighs the bad as far as I am concerned. It seems to me that we, through Facebook in particular, but also through blogging, have recreated the village.  I feel that Facebook and the blogs I follow give me that small high street/ townsquare feeling where I can meet and greet familiar faces on a daily basis.  I find this reassuring- I also find that I can shield myself from a lot of unwanted influences and commercial interests in the media world. It gives me an opportunity to shape my own media reality. The blogs I read have specific attitudes, so the products they "promote" are a better match of my values and in that way, adds to my life and gives me a feeling of more control compared to the marketing blitz from old media.

What troubles me is the general trend that article pointed out - that more and more of us feel like we need to be just super great at every area of life. Another of the persons in the article points out that huge commercial interests benefit from us feeling that we need to be constantly better. Commercials have for generations told us that, if only we buy this car or that skin cream, EVERYTHING will get better. The end result for us is a consumerism that is unsustainable and egocentric. I am not at all claiming to be immune to this. I have felt the pull from a product and that pure desire to have it many times  and still do.  I still have to remind myself that I don't need everything that some advertiser makes me want.  

But I digress - let me get back to what truly concerns me this Sunday morning;  In my opinion, all this need for perfection  narrows the general perception of normal.   We have a strong need to feel normal and so the marketeer uses that emotion to sell us stuff.  This affects our children in particular - it makes kids fidgety, which leads parents to investigate, which leads to diagnostis of ADHD ("hyperactivity",) etc., etc., etc. 

First of all, we should accept the fact that it is normal for kids to be fidgety.  But maybe more important, when things really do go out of control, we should consider the fact that, maybe the problem is that there is too much stress at home in the first place.   

Why are these trends troubling to me?  They trouble me because I think that they cause more and more of us to feel an unhealthy level of anxiety ALL the time. We are all susceptible to these trends if we do not live consciously. I think that if we constantly push for perfection, we won't be present in our own lives. Being " one step ahead" all the time does not give much time for pause or reflection.

I believe that without pause and reflection we lose the ability to make good decisions for ourself and our families. Without pause and reflection we also lose our creativity. Creativity needs vast expanses of empty time to blossom. And without creativity, we are  less equipped to solve both practical and emotional challenges in our lives, and our kids lose the ability to dream, to be bored and to just play. I also believe that if we don't question our motivations, but constantly strive to be better we become more anxious rather than happy. Because when we keep thinking that we need to be better, be in control all the time, the gap between where we think we want to be and where we actually are in our lives will widen. And it is in that gap between where you are and where you want to be anxiety occurs.

To not succumb to this trend I think we need to make room for and practice imperfections. Which is why the pictures in today's post are of the progression of mess in my kitchen and adjacent hallway. I cringe at showing you these but hope you enjoy seeing my family wearing its underwear over our clothes just this once.

I saw this picture in a blog recently, and it made me so happy!  Domestic mess is normal and what we define as normal is what we see. Therefore I challenge you to show a domestic mess picture in your blog or on Facebook this week. Feel free to leave a link to your messy picture in the coments section.

Maybe I will try to show my mess again in this space - but it won't be easy! 





Here comes the sun!


The days are getting longer

The sun is getting stronger