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meat free monday 

Oh we are in the sweet spot of summer right now. The days are lazy and long and the produce are overflowing in abundance. This weekend I came over these wonderful fresh beets. Now I know root fruits are associated with autumnal soups but to me the red beet signals the height of summer! I love to grill or bake them.- and bake them was just what I did in this super easy pasta dish. 


I just cut a few beets into little cubes, tossed them in olive oil and garlic added some salt and  pepper, then baked them until tender. They baked in the time it took for the penne to boil and strain!  To serve I just basically dumped the beets and all the oil from the cooking sheet over the pasta. Garnished with fresh basil from my very own balcony and served! Seriously it only took me 20 minutes from start to finish.

I must admit, I was really pleased with the result. The baking brings out the sweetness in the beets and make them just perfectly chewy. The oil and beet juices gave the penne a very nice color. Oh and Baby A just loved the beets. She actually picked the out between the penne with her little fork. Although she was not such a huge fan of the fresh basil. Picking one of the gingerly out of her mouth she looked at me and said; what is this then? with a very sceptical frown on her face! 

This is a very simple little supper and you may have noticed that I did not team it up with any legumes for more protein - I just did not see the need.  Its my contention that choosing a vegetarian meal every now and then is made overly complicated by the perception that it has to meet all the nutritional requirements lest your health suffer dramatically.  This is of course B.S.... Just think about it; How many of your nutritional requirements are covered in a pizza with a few bits of chorizo on it?  I do believe that people living of a strict vegetarian diet will have to think more about where all their nutrients come from but for those of us who wants to enjoy more vegetarian meals in the week - we should focus on the freedoms and joys of vegetarian cooking! 

Enjoy your week and please share your vegetarian favorites of the summer in the comments.


meat free monday 


We are having awsome spring weather and a long weekend to boot here in Oslo. So on this extra day off what could be better then a really good lunch sandwich? I found the recipe for this one here.  For dinner today I am recycling one of my favorite MFM recipes.  Hope you have a good one! 

Oh and if you do have a favorite vegetarien recipe; please share! 



meat free monday

Once you get into it MFM, it's really quite easy. Today: storebought fresh pasta filled with pesto and ricotta and a fresh salad with figs and pecans! Let me tell you, after starting with MFM, my family has become all about the salad. I used to make the really good salads - with special ingrediants like avocado, mangos, etc. for special meals.  Since we started MFM, we´ve needed more side dishes which are familiar, so I´ve been  using the more special ingrediants more regularly, which has created a virtuous cycle, expanding my salad reportoire.  Now that Spring is here, the produce is becoming more varied and interesting.  I like cooking with the seasons, and MFM has made us so much more consious of what we eat.  We now have at least two vegetarian meals a week and at least two meals with fish.  Lunches are almost exclusively dairy or fish.  MFM has been good for us so far! 

Here´s my fig salad:

Baby spinach leaves + green salad

 3-4 figs cut i quarters

1/4 cup, pecans

a quarter of a  red onion finely chopped

1/4 cup cranberries 

two tablespoons of cottage cheese pr. serving.

Wash and put the salad in a wide shallow bowl

Spread the remaining ingredients except the cottage cheese over the salad.

Serve with cottage cheese and a drizzle of simple dressing of honey, mustard, olive oil and balsamico



meat free monday

I used to think that vegetarian cooking was so elaborate and labour intensive. Maybe that is often the case, but what I 'm learing by doing MFM on a weekly basis is that it does not have to be that tough. 


Today's lighter take on the bean burrito is a good example of that. I just got a few items from the vegetable stand that looked good, a can of slightly spiced black beans, some flour tortillas and whiped up a yoghurt sauce.

What you see here is porobello mushrooms sliced and grilled with just salt and pepper. They come out suprisingly flavourful and just the right kinda chewy. Then there is avocado, mango,cantaloupe, spinach leaves, pecan nuts and the yoghurt sauce, the latter of which I made by just stirring in some fresh cilantro (coriander), chopped red pepper, garlic and some black pepper into plain yoghurt.  Oh and offcourse the black beans - although I am trying to stay away from canned food I do buy the occassional can of good beans and these were awesome. 

I really love this way of eating. And the kids seem to like it too. 

Why meat free monday? Its good for you and our planet! You know we eat way to much protein in the western world. It is one of the reasons behind the obesity epidemic.  Industrial meat production causes huge CO2 and methane emissions, as well as polluting local envronmenst. It  makes animals suffer unnesssary and poses public health risks such as possible antibiotc resistant strains of bacteria because the feed is laced with antibiotics to keep animals held under extreme conditions short of dying. There are several moral angles to these issus and many more valid reasons to join MFM. The ones above are simply the ones that finally made me commit. 

I would really love ut if you shared your meat free favorites in the comments section - I am always looking for inspiration. Have a great week! 


meat free monday

Today I made a chick pea curry and yoghurt sauce, served with nan and a spinach salad. It's raining and still cold here today - this spring of ours seems to be taking its time. So we had a little warmth for dinner, since the air outside won't cooperate! 

The reciepe is an old one that I have had since the student days. Apart from being good for animals and the envronment, remember that vegetarian cooking is usually also very good for the pocketbook. And like I said before, by combining legumes with bread, you have all the amino acids you need! 

what and how

The curry:

2 løk

1tbs ghee or oil, for frying

1ts chilli powder

1ts salt

1ts tumeric

1ts paprika powder

1tbs ground cumin

1tbs ground coriander

2-3 cups canned chickpeas, drained

2 cups crushed canned tomatoes

1 ts garam masala

Cut the onion in thin slices and crush the garlic, heat the oil and fry on medium heat until nice and soft. 

Add the chillipowder,salt, tumeric,paprika, cumin and corinader. continue frying for about a minute. Add the chickpeas and tomatoes. let simmer under a lid for about 20 minutes. stir it every now and then. 

Add the garam masala and cook for at least 10-15  more minutes.

The yoghurt sauce. ( this is one of those things I just make without a proper recipe so bear with me)

1 cup yoghurt approx a fist each of fresh coriander and mint finely chopped. 2 crushed garlic cloves and black pepper mix and let sit an hour ( or longer) before serving.



meat free monday

Ah success! 

After making the black bean chocolate chip cookies, my mind has been working to figure out how to make a bean based muffin and today I nailed it! I present to you the bean, banana and coconut muffin! The variations you can make in a vegetarian meal seems to be endless. My kids and their guest this afternoon found the fact that the dessert made up the bulk protein of the meal just mind boggling. 

These muffins came  out nice and spongy with a bit of a "crunch and chew "from the shredded coconut. I served them with home made strawberry sorbet and honey yoghurt. The main course was made up of  simple linguini tossed in olive oil with chopped basil and garlic. Seeing that the kids have various preferences I chose to put out toppings in individual bowls. There were grilled portobella mushroom, mozzarella cheese, chopped tomatoes, olives and a salad.  And I am not to shy to say that they ate everything- even helped themselves to more salad! Such a nice start to the week.

Bean, banana and coconut muffin ; what and how! makes 9 big muffins

One cup dried beans (the ones I used are Italian and are called brolotti cranberry. They look like speckled kidney beans)

one ripe banana

2 tbs coconut oil

2 eggs

2 tbs honey

1 ts baking soda (baking powder will NOT do)

2 ts vanilla sugar  

1/2 cup of shredded coconut + some to line molds. 

soak the beans for 4-5 hrs. then change the water and boil for about 30 minutes til soft and tender. Cool them down to room temp. Add all the other ingredients except the coconut shreds. Mix with a magic wand until you have a smoothish batter. stir in the coconut shreds. coat your muffin pan with coconut oil and a thin layer of coconut shreds. bake at 225 degrees celcius for about 15-20 minutes. maby a little bit longer. -you definitely do not want the center to be raw! As soon as you take them from the oven remove them from the pan and leave to cool.