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The balcony garden!

As the height of summer is behind us here in Oslo, I am enjoying the fruits of my balcony garden. It's been such a whirlwind of a summer - we have had so much fun, although I guess I have been on a bit of a blog break. 

I had every intention of keeping up with my blog through the summer with all the extra time I expected to have, but, as we all know, the reality for parents is that we have to hustle around to keep up with our kids at home or on holiday.  (My other excuse is still no broadband at the cabin, which might not be the worst thing in the world.) 

Anyway, it was an awesome summer, culminating with a week in Tuscany.  While I was in Italy, I admired the tomato gardens which seemed to be everywhere.  It seemed like, wherever there was space for a container, a tomato was growing out of it. 

So, in fact, the best part of the summer was yesterday, when I came home to harvest my own ripe cherry tomatos from my own urban balcony.  OK, sure, these were purchased pots of what might be the most overpriced tomatos in the world, but hey, tomatos are always expensive in Norway, and these were the best I ever had.  Seriously. 

Having tended to this little garden all summer I am now motivated to put in a vegetable garden at the cabin next year. One of the reasons I have not started a vegetable garden out there is because the deers apparently love to eat everything green. But late last night I had an idea to fix the problem, which I can noodle on all winter.  After all,  homesteading is all about the planning, right?  Stay tuned to this blog - if my solution works, I'll report it here for you dear readers with a deer problem.

Hope you had a great summer and you are welcome to leave me a link to a summer post on your site in the comments section - I'd love to pop over for a visit!