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New pencases for a new school year!  


Did you know that the second busiest shopping season of the year is the back-to-school season?  I used to think of this time of year as a simple rite – refreshing our supply of pens and other school supplies.  Rather, not surprisingly, it turns out that late summer is another season of shipping state-sized quantities of plastic around the world that we all know will only consume available land-fill space by Christmas. 

Since I am not immune to the same urges to give me kids bright supplies for the new year, I found an alternative.- these wonderful pen cases from elQulitero on Etsy.   elQulitero is truly a cottage industry for up- and recycling on a small and sustainable scale.

It was also such a pleasant shopping experience – they made one custom for Lini- Bean exactly the same as the one they had in the shop which I orderd for B- Boy – and they added some elastics for the erases and sharpener in such a cool way.


The pen cases proved to be very functional!  The kids and I love them . Lini Bean even pointed out that the material does not schmutz up as easily as the plastic / nylons kinds she used to have.

I also really enjoyed the little dialogue Andrea and I had going while shopping. It was very nice and a bit surprising – my very first time shopping on ETSY was with a blog friend and I did not expect the same kind of friendly banter from a ”stranger”   This made me want to explore their background a little bit which generated this little interview:

How did reuse and recycling become important to you?

-for us recycling and reusing is a thing of common sense, in the way that there´s a lot a excellent material that becomes waste too soon!. For example, the carpet of which the pencil cases are made was used only 3 days in a craft market, after that it was junk (the organizers kindly gave it to us instead of throwing it to trash)... the resources are not unlimited, so we should used them several times if it's possible (as we say in spanish hay que sacarle el jugo!!)

How did you come up with this business idea?

-we have had the idea of doing "something"  for a long time, at first we did a diary and with that we "discovered" the carpet as material and began to explore with it. But I think that our primary idea was to do something that we commonly used such as notebooks and cases. I'm a painter and printmaker, so I think that our next step is a case or bag toward that end.

How does blogging work out for you and your business?

- we are very aware of the importance of the internet and social media; nowadays it's an amazing time in which we are able to connect with almost everywhere.  Blogging is a huge window to visit the house of others and to let the others visit your house. The best thing for me is to realize how different people from different places share a lot of things in common, that really gives you the sense of "belonging" even, though you've never seen them.

What are your future hopes for elQuiltro?

-we feel that we're still evolving and we have a lot of things to learn and materials to try. We both  (Felipe and I, cousins and quiltro team mates) have our jobs (Felipe is a printer, I'm a mom- housewife-artist) and  wedream of the day that we can merge our daily jobs with elQuiltro, that day we'll be awesome!!

I agree with Andrea about blogging! - And don’t you just LOVE the wrapping they used? What a nifty way to reuse paper! 

I really want to provide the homemade experience for my kids and I really want to make environmentally sound consumer decisions  as often as  possible.  Being in a full time job though makes it hard to find the time to make all your stuff yourself.  This, I think, is where ETSY fits in.  It is not only a very inspiring site for us crafters - it also makes it possible to buy hand made responsible products . In other words, it’s ideal for the urban handmade homestead!    And that’s why I have decided to share with you my favorite ETSY experiences and to post a link to their ETSY shops on my sidebar for a month at the time – endorsed by recyclingmama! So today I add elQuiltero! Please take the time to visit their shop and their blog - they make the most wonderful things!