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unfinished business

A few weeks ago I stumbled over the link up,  finish it up Friday, at this site. Its been whirling in my mind for some time. As you can see I do have quite a lot to finish up! Some of these projects are really old! The granny squares are more than 10 years in the making. Being a pack rat and a “see’er of possibilities”  these projects were never chucked. Although to be fair I have had a real clean up around the  house lately and some projects really got x’d. I finally have come up with 2 good questions to ask myself when faced with old projects or items that could turn into a project; do I really want to spend time on it? Do I really WANT  the finished result? The clearing up in the old projects and organizing them in one space make me feel very much closer to the finish line!

 Now I am left with this lot, plus all the new fabrics I bought recently.. 

I do hope to link up with something finished ..soon!

Do you have half-finished projects stuck away in your nooks and crannies? 


Big plans - big plans!

Oh I got big plans in my basket this Wednesday! I have been making triangles to make more of these. Hopefully I will be able to show of the result of the plans before the end of the month! in the mean while I am linking with the yarn along over at small things




Happy happy kippah

BabyA was invited to her first birthday party this Friday. The birthday boy turned one, so I decided he was in need of a crochet kippa. Being a Mama of a boy myself I know how hard it is to get hold of colorful clothing for boys so it just had to be striped in as many bright colors as possible- Also its the hardest thing to get kippas to sit on toddler heads. In my experience bigger is better. I used this pattern from The purl bee, but added a few extra rows.

If you want to make one follow the pattern from purl, but instead of stopping increasing at round 19 I continued to increase like so.

Round 20 : 1 sc in each stitch

Round  21 : 1 sc in first 5 stitches  *2sc in next stich then 1 sc in next ten stitches* repeating from * to*

Round 22: 1 sc in each stitch

Round 23: *2sc in next stitch then 1 sc in next ten stiches* repeat  from * to*

Round 24,25 and 26 1 sc in each stitch.

Their online shop has so many nice yarns, so visit there if you want to start this project. I always keep a stash of colorful cottons around. You never know when you want to make something or some one happy.


It wraped up as a gift quite well, don't you think?


Miniature crochet bunting!

Miniature crochet bunting - turned out to be the perfect holiday project.

(If you want the pattern please get in touch.)


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Crochet baby blanket in preparation of Baby A's room

I made this blanket for Baby A this summer. I was inspired by the way our stack of colorful melamine drinking cups stacked in the kitchen. Choosing so many colors has, to my great pleasure, made for a lots of left-over yarn.  And so now I have lots of colors to play with.  This resulted in the little granny stich "baby doll" blanket and the ball. 

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Retro crochet baby jacket

My Mom has kept an old binder of retro patterns from the 60's and 70's. It's been a source of inspiration for me for a long time,though I had never made any of the garments myself. I used to flick through it every time I'm visiting my mother.  Last month, my Mom brought the binder to Oslo as a gift for me! 

I could not get to my favorite yarn store fast enough to buy the yarn for this jacket. If you are interseted in the pattern, which is substantially modified from the original, please get in touch!

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