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cloth diapers & day care

Baby A is 16 months now -16! I can't quite believe it. Nor can I really believe it's been so easy to use cloth diapers for that time. I am really kinda sorry I did not get into it with the other two, but in the words of Maya Angelou - "you did as you knew how - but when you know better you do better."  This is a quote I actually take great comfort from on a daily basis.

But I digress.  What I wanted to write about is that cloth diapering  actually is very easy, even for the people working at Baby A's daycare.  Baby A started day care in early April, and so we are now more than two months into it. The staff were apprehensive at first about cloth diapering, but generally curious and positive.  We managed to get a good routine going quickly.

We use two types of cloth diapers at our house - a gauze-like folding diaper and "pocket" diapers made of fleece and PUL.  For the daycare, the folding diapers demanded too much extra work - folding the diapers, pinning them onto the baby.  The pocket diapers work out just fine for the daycare staff.  

She only spends about 6 hrs in day care and so if we change her right before we drop her of, they change about 2 diapers there. I bring a bright yellow  wet bag that I leave in the corner at their changing station. I line the dipers with thin rice paper so if there is poo, they can just shake it out into the WC then  stuff it into the wet bag. I take the wet bag home, along with the other stuff I bring back and forth, and the next morning I return with the empty wet bag and two clean and lined diapers.   Easy!

As for the other type of cloth diaper - the gauze version - as you see pictured, this is still a good staple in our house.  I recently had to make a new set of "over-panties" that cover the diapers, but, as you see, the fabric choices afforded me the opportunity to have a new color in our house - NEON PINK!

Cloth diapers are a really not more hassle than paper - just a different way of doing things.  In many ways, cloth is easier - no more emergency trips to the gas station on Sundays for extra expensive diapers that don't fit, for example.  And, cloth, of course, is a choice for the environment - no (non-human) waste, recylcing every day, no trash cans filled with diapers, no plastic, no chemical "odor treatment" that actually makes it all smell worse.


Cloth diapers

For almost a whole year now, we have used cloth diapers for Baby A's cute little tuschy.  The decision to use cloth came very easily for me.


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