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Since the end of summer, our weekends has had a tendency to turn into "workends" The turn of the season requires so much planning and work. There are whole wardrobes to change and replenish. There are winter duvets to search for in the over crowded attic. The whole family tries to settle into a new rhythm allowing for  individual schedules. I sometimes feel like a juggler with all this going on ... and let's not forget that all the "regular" tasks in a household needs that to be tended as well. As a working mom, the weekend often is the only time when all the mundane parts of the mommy job can be done. The problem, of course, is that there are conflicting interests - it is the weekend, after all - I want to sleep in, drink that extra cup of coffee (or extra two cups of coffee!) unhurried.  I want to play with the kids, work on new craft ideas, and just spend long, unstructured hours with my peeps.  

So, my Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) resolution is to WEEKEND every now and then.  Let the laundry stay that way another day or two.....

And boy, did we have a good first weekend in this new year!

We have cooked, gone for autumnal walks, picked apples, had a grand time with old friends and taken the time to see the light of September turn into the smoky blue light of October. 

I love that light and the smell of the air this time of year. I love how our noses turn cold and red. I love the hurry up and slow down that is fall here up north.




I am of the Friends generation, and when taking these pictures, a line of Phoebe's in the last season came to mind. She is sitting in the 5th Avenue apartment of her boyfriend and trying to impress his parents and so she says, after a total blunder  "...So, where does everybody summer?" with a phony posh accent and all.

Well, this is where we summer. It's not posh like I would guess the Hamptons or Nantukket are, but our island certainly has its unique charms. Its a car-free community of small summer houses in the middle of the Oslo fjord. We can live there in the summer and commute to work! The kids roam and grow wild and sticky by the end of summer. I get cabin fever and my husband wonders what are we ever going to do about this wild garden. 

There's been so much rain lately that, this year, we did not move out until the beginning of July.  Even though the garden was massively out of control by the time we got there, I love the meadowy look of the lawn, which has become home to a host of bumble bees  This is a species that is more and more under  threat, but yet so important to fruit production here and around the world.   Does that mean that letting the garden go is actually a good deed?

It's raining a lot this summer, so I mostly sit on our big covered porch and drink a second (or third) cup of cofffee and keep my knitting projects going.  When the sun does come out, I rush the laundry so that I can dry Baby A's diapers in the fresh air (rather than using my space heater concoction to dry clothes inside the cabin.)  

For the kids, as soon as there is sun, they are out - swimming, riding their bikes, eating wild strawberries or red currents and, generally, being kids the old-fasioned way.  Yep - they are part of the Youtube generation, but they can still skip rope and let their imaginations turn a stick into a rifle that they can use to battle their way out of an enemy ambush.¨

We can go the whole day not seeing them unless they are hurt or hungry!

This year, we decided to buy one of those mobile internet modems and, expecting lots of rain, moved out with a bunch of computers, etc.  The reception turned out to be really bad anyway, we forgot chargers for the computers and my iPhone broke, so, in the end, I have been off the grid for a while, and, frankly, enjoying it.  We decided to take a little cabin break and come into town for tonight to "dry out." 

Coming into town this afternoon I was struck with a nostalgic feeling from my childhood, when we used to come home from the cabin and check our mail, use the phone again to call our family and friends and basically reconnect with the world, albeit at such a slower pace lo those many years ago. 

Vacation is great - getting away from it all, letting your shoulders drop, etc.  It's also nice because you re-learn what you value when you do get back into the thick of our regular lives.  One of the pleasures I missed was writing this blog....



It may be a wet summer but,so far, it's been a good one.