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the end of summer

I know, it's the middle of August - Summer's not really over yet - not even up here in Oslo. However the kids go back to school on Monday, and we have moved back into town from the island.  I remember the last days of my childhoods summer vacations - the feeling of melancholia that it's almost over.  The excitement of meeting all my friends again. I see it now, in my own kids and I guess I feel it just as urgently, even though I'v been back to work at the hospital for 3 weeks now. My husband and I split our vacation between us so that the kids could have long, unstructured days to grow sticky and wild. This week they are getting acclimatized through  one week "day camps" (one playing tennis, the other learning "street dance.")

It's been a cold and wet summer this year- and yes. I will lament the weather. We are so dependent on warm sunny summers here. The summer time is short and the winter is so dark, cold and long. It scares me that we are getting colder and wetter summers. It was predicted that global warming would lead to this for the extreme north - just like climatologist predicted draughts and weather extremes in the more temperate zones of the planet.  

I have spent most of my rainy vacation days reading and knitting on our cabin porch. With no internet connection to speak of for 6 weeks I did do some book buying. Oh, and I mastered the art of knitting and reading at the same time. The kindle is just awesome for that purpose! The books I bought all have helped me deal with eco anxiety one way or another. I do believe that, if we focus on what's really important to us, we can reduce our consumption, declutter our lives and live with our families in a more meaningful way. Just me and my family changing course may not make much of an impact, but it does make a difference to me. 

The books in the picture are:

Plastic Free, Beth Terry. She runs the blog, My Plastic-free Life and is a true inspiration! Visit her blog, by her book and refuse disposable plastic!

The Rythym of Family, Amanda Blake Soul. She runs the blog soul mama, where she shares her life as a homesteader, home schooler,author and formidable crafter on the northeast coast of the USA. I bought the book with great trepidation. Their life is so different from ours... how can any of it apply to me? But I have really enjoyed it, and I've gotten a lot of inspiration, both vis a vis family and crafting.

Green beauty recipes, Julie Gabriel, green beauty editor, author and founder of petite marie organics. I really want to make more of my skin care and hygiene products at home. The initial motivation was to reduce the plastic consumption. But reading this book I have become acutely aware of all the literal junk the cosmetics industry have pushed on us and put on our skin. I am now motivated to make my own to avoid all sorts of harmful ingredients and petrochemicals.

Kindle - and oh have I been enjoying my various crime novels this summer. Reading crime novels is my Summer guilty pleasure. And with the Kindle I can just go from one book to another and knit. Add a fresh cup of coffee and I am transported back to summer vacation bliss.