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Ha, one finished item from the basket. Granted, this baby blanket was the last of the projects I started of those depicted and the first to finish.  Its a silk and alpaca blend knit on sligthly too big neelds in order to give it that whispy, airy look. It came out just the way I wanted it too and its already swadling the little princess it was made for.  Very lush and soft. I knit it on the diagonal, a technique that makes it easier for it to keep its shape, gauge, size and become a perfect square.  And so I am proudly doing my first, of hopefully many, link ups to  finish it up friday!

Enjoy your weekend -  hope you are making something nice!


knitted baby blanket

There are so many babies being born or soon to arrive around me these days. I don't know why, but babies seem to come in waves.

A few weeks back, the baby sister of one of my best friends had a little boy and when I saw his picture in the arms of my friend I was so moved! I remember my friend at 10, holding her newborne little sister. I remember this little boy´s mama growing up. Maybe it´s because I am going to become an aunt myself soon. Maybe the fact that the new parents bought the old family babybed from one of the other girls in our Clique Quintet. In any case,  I all of a sudden just had to knit something for this little one, so I  spent the first two rainy vacation weeks knitting a baby blanket and reading.  I must admit I have wanting to make this hudson bay crib blanket for a long while. The original pattern from the purl bee calls for slightly thinner yarn and thinner needles. However my favorite yarn store in Oslo, Tjorven, did not have a yarn with the equivalent gauge that would work for this baby blanket -but then I found this fantastic Katia-machine washable merino wool. It is so soft and so easy to knit in that I whipped up the blanket in no time.

I actually may have to make a slightly bigger one as a lap blanket for myself!

Materials :Katia Merino sport wool. 6 beige balls of yarn Plus one ball of each color, blue, yellow, green and red.  Bamboo knitting needle 5,5 (European) 80 cm. 


I knitted the whole blanket in garter stich. The dimension are approx 85cm x 100 cm. However I think my gauge changed as I got into knitting again, and also the garter stitch "grows" so the final product was quite a lot bigger.

Cast on 120 stiches in beige 

Knitt 1 ridges ( 1 ridge = 2 rows in garter stich i.e. knitt back and forth)

6 ridges blue

5 ridges beige

6 ridges yellow

5 ridges beige

6ridges green

5 beige 

6 ridges red

Aprox 45 ridges beige

6 ridges red

5 beige

6 green

5 beige

6 yellow

5 beige

6 blue

13 beige, knitt one row than cast off.



Knitted jump suit for Baby A

My Mother has been on a little visit - and when Mormor ( maternal grandma in Norwegian) is visiting there is more often than not new knitting going around for all. She made this really nice jumpsuit from an old 80's pattern with some very nice cashmere I bought for another project that did not work out so well. The jumpsuit has almost an empire waist so it sits really nice and snug on her torso and the legs ballon really nicely. The wide legs gives ample room to grow, which I like very much. I get so attached to the kids knit wear, so I tend to let them wear it from its really one size to big till its really one size to small - although I never compromise the comfort - honestly!

I am so in love with my living room these days - if its sunny you can se the sun reach just an inch or two further into the room a and stay a wee bit longer every day! My fingers starts to itch for seeds and dirt. Still a few more weeks to go though.