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Family portrait

I love the wonder that is the World Wide Web for many reasons, one of which is that it, through serendipity, put me in contact with the artist that made our family portrait.  Melissa at Hilltop Hausfrau takes ordinary photos and turns them  into unique pieces.  She also turns them into the most adorable and unexpected  miniatures (which I will show you once I've found the perfect spot for it in the house.)

This is a holiday picture taken in South Africa on a perfect day and I am surprised at how she captured the mood of that day without knowing much about it nor us. It was one of those days where there was no "don't do that," "pick up your...," "leave your brother alone" "... stop fighting...." Nor was there any parental bickering for that matter. That day, we took a trip to the beach at Hermanus before returning to the little farm we stayed at in Franchhoek, and then ended the day at a wonderful little restaurant in the village,  where we ran into another little Norwegian family from our very neighborhood in Oslo - what where the odds? I fell in love with the Western Cape and hope to return one day!

And I am so so happy with this family portrait - much better than the original photo and worlds better than the photos taken by a professional photographer a few months ago! 

Check out Melissas ETSY SHOP as well. She does amazing stuff! 



stuff that makes me  pause

On Sunday mornings my husband and I get up real early and sit down with our coffee, papers, computers and radio. This is our linger time. We can have both a second, and even a third cup. And lately my favorite "read" is blog rolls. I have started to systematically check them out on the blogs I read. I love how it takes me to stuff I would never otherwise find.  Now, I would like to share some of these with you - like this blog  for example, from South Africa that I ran into shortly after I came home from that country this winter.  This felt quite seredipitous.

Anairam has used old napkins for these pictures. I love the way she incorporates the decoration on the napkin and of course its textile and recycling two things very close to my heart. I also love the wooden planks on which she displays her work. They remind me of Scandinavian summer houses ...which also reminds me that summer WILL come back  to Norway again ... someday ...!

Please visit Anairams blog fra(a)iing - I think it is sunny and inspiring!

I wish you a great week!