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Purlbee socks

I have developed an addiction to the blog Purlbee. I am really thinking that I need a tripp to New York just to visit the shop. Recently they featured these socks and I thought they would be the perfect hostes gift for a very special dinner party I was invited to to night.  Since the time was running short I did not risk ordering the yarn from the store, but being european I do not do inches to well so I could not figure out the gage. This resulted in several trips to my favorite yarn store  ,Tjorven, in Oslo before I found a yarn that worked.

The pattern looks alternative but it is your standard turn of the heel.  The gusset makes  them keep a more sturdy shape. I did have a hard time making the toe  look pretty following to the pattern, so I choose to make the classic sock toe I always make. 


I think they turned out quite nice- and the recipient was very happy!  Maybe I will shrink the pattern to baby size and make a pair for baby A. 




I love fall even in the rain, so last sunday we took a walk around a lake i the woods suounding Oslo.


I noticed that my boy has already worn through the patches I made on his jeans..


Up here the autum colors are almost monochromatic in the rain. To me its beautiful and soothing on a sunday afternoon. 

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