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all boxed up - reflections of a pack rat.

We are moving!

We made the decision about 4 weeks ago and next week we are out of our 100 yr old beautiful "railroad" apartment. I am going to miss the high ceilings, the special light and the quiet in the middle of the city. But things change and sometimes you've
just got to move on.

Its been kinda crazy around here, as you can imagine. I did not really internalize that moving would generate so much formality, meetings, form filling in addition to the madness of packing and sorting! Speaking of madness - moving always make me lose something essential: my sanity!

The hardest part though,has been going through our storage in the attic. We have lived here for 10 years, and that attic has been like a Grandmothers treasure trove. The storage space up there is dangerously huge. When we moved in here our life was on high gear. Within one year we made 3 moves. From a rural cabin to the city via a rental to this space where we just threw our stuff in, re - grouped and moved to Atlanta for 6 months. At that time B - Boy and Lini - Bean were tiny little beings and I was about to start my first internship in the hospital. My husband was finding his footing in the Norwegian work environment. So boxes from the last move and moves past got pushed further and further into the depths of that attic. For two weeks now I have been chipping away at those boxes. So many memories! How young we once were! All the junk I have saved!

I guess I am a pack rat and I really think that being a pack rat is very much like being a gambler because every once in a while I will hit that jack pot. Like last night I found a T- shirt I saved the very first time we made a move together. Well actually it was my husband that moved, I was his girlfriend just helping out. At any rate he was really happy to be putting on that really old Grateful Dead t- shirt! It's pay days like that that maintains the habit. However, we would have been just as happy without that shirt. Most of the stuff I have sifted through has promptly found its way to the flea marked or a trash bag, with surprisingly little sentiment or regret.

There are things that are hard to sort through though. Like old photos, letters and mementoes. Some of it I remember putting away for sorting and saving later. These things has brought back memories and generated feelings that was not always happy or welcome. Going through these kinds of things are also very time consuming so mainly I now have it neatly boxed up. My husband and I have agreed to take one box at the time, sit down with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the memories, save the ones who we need to properly and let the rest go.

What are your experiences with moving? I'd appreciate any good tip or lesson learned!

Happy week to y'all!




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Reader Comments (6)

Ergh, rather you than me - I hate moving! And sorting through old stuff is not only time consuming but exhausting, don't you find? You have to make so many little decisions, and often with emotional complications. My grandmother's in the process of clearing out the home she and my late grandfather built 35+ years ago - "pack-rat" doesn't even begin to describe her, I'm afraid, and the process is proving hellish for everyone. It's motivating me to tackle my own stuff now before I have to move again (or before I'm in my 80s!). You might find something useful on this blog, it's a bit cheesy but thoughtful too: http://www.inspiredeverydayliving.com/category/clutter-clearing-organization/ I love the book 'Organizing From The Inside Out', too. Best of luck, Krisha! x

September 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNina

Good to hear your "voice" again! I'm glad that you are happy to be moving on, and making peace with leaving the past in it's place.

I do love moving, though I haven't done it too much in my 36 years. My big tip is to try not to do too much of the work yourself! We hired a moving company both times. That left us to put things away, almost immediately! Alternately, gathering a group of able-bodied friends and ordering a few pizzas? Do I sound lazy?! I guess I like to unpack, just not carry things ;)

Happy moving, K!

September 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa @ Hilltop Hausfrau

Oh Nina and Melissa - Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts on moving - I will definitely have mover pack and carry the worts - however its the sorting of mementoes and the stuff I really thought I make into something new one day that is the greatest hurdle!
Nina I will look up the organizing blog and book!

September 30, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkrisha

Oh, boxes, such hard work in so many ways, I don't envy you. I am not good at chucking things out and have never felt the euphoria that people report when they get rid of lots of things! I live in hope.
Good luck with the move and the boxes, I've just found you and I look forward to hearing all about it. x

October 16, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkatie

Hello fellow BYW'er. I just came across your blog through the course and read your post about moving. Even though I very much dislike moving, I actually love getting rid of things! I remember when moving from Brooklyn to Brussels, I just had SO MUCH stuff that I never, ever used or wore. And even though all nicely organized, per color etc...(I kid you not! slight OCD'er right here), it was just beginning to weigh on me. As I wanted to keep my apartment and rent it out furnished, I just had to make it as neutral as possible. Which ended up with at least 12 HUGE garbage bags of clothes, books, shoes...To me, this really felt very good and freeing! And after that experience of realizing how much stuff I used to buy and never use, I have become a lot more selective in what I will spend money on. I The boxes with letters and old pictures are still there hidden in a cabinet however. I often go through them as well but it has more become of a nice thing now as I must have just tossed all the things that weren't supposed to be part of my life anymore. Good luck with your move! Going to brows a bit more over your lovely blog and maybe I will see you in class :-)

October 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterElfya

O yes moving.... I am having a love hate relationship when it comes to moving. I love decorating a new home and making it our own, but leaving the old one and sorting through all those old memories is hard and certainly not my favorite! So I wish you good luck (from a fellow BYW student!)

November 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSimone

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