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meat free monday 

Today it was one of those Mondays. By the time I made it to the grocery store this afternoon both baby A and I was frazzled after a whole day of work and kindergarten. It was very clear to me that our diner tonight required efficacy and simplicity both in shopping and cooking! And so I went for this oldie but goodie.  A pasta salad consisting of red kidney beans and macaroni. I was first introduced to this dish while visiting with friends in Colorado. Lini Bean was a mere 10 months then and she just loved showing of her pincer grip picking up individual beans and macaronis. I never had a written version of this recipe and so gait has evolved over the years.  I usually garnish it with cilantro, but I have stopped buying fresh herbs in plastic wrapping and so i used mint which grows on my balcony instead. And boy I will not go back to cilantro!


1 cup canned red kidney beans, drained. 

1/2 cup macaroni of good quality - boil until alldente

1/4 - 1/2 of finally chopped red onion. I add more when serving as a side for grown ups less for kids but never omit it - it does make a difference!

1tbs apple cider vinegar, 1tbs olive oil, 1 ts sugar, a pinch of salt and some pepper to taste. - Mix these in the bottom of your serving bowl. Chop a little fist of fresh mint leaves Mix all the ingredients and you are done! this dish is good both cold and warm.  I served it with a nice fresh bread and heaps of butter - I love butter... 

What did you do for Meat Free Monday?




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