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Out with the old..



It's that time of year again, when we take stock of what has  been and plan for how we want it all to be. We are grateful and regretful at the same time. The new year beckons with its "clean slate" and we rush inn with a great many new years resolutions! 

I have come to the view that New years resolutions are usually too ambitious , too "dogmatic" and/or too drastic. There are certainly a whole lot of things in my life that I would want to be better, or I would like to be better at certain things, but I have learned over the years that a big sweeping resolution or two is not going to amount to a lot change or growth.  I have become a believer in small changes over time. Moderate adjustments in areas that do not work. Taking notice of what works and doing more of it. 

So this year I will give my self a break - I am not making  a single new years resolution! I will simply have a nice celebration with my family tonight. We will send of the old and welcome the new with good food, bordgames and shared memories. (All a little more subdued than usual seeing that the flu has visited our house over the past week)

-Wishing you a HAPPY, Healthy and Peaceful NEW YEAR!  


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Happy New Year, Krisha! Thank you for saying this about resolutions - you're so right, and I'm going to copy you and make none at all! x

January 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNina

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