I'm Krisha - a Scandinavian mama and physician, a crafter, and an avid coffee drinker - trying to nudge my family towards a greener lifestyle!


Hi - I´m Krisha.  I am a Scandinavian mama, a medical doctor, a crafter, and an avid coffee drinker.  Aside from my duties at a local hospital, I am occupied with my family and my homestead - trying to move towards a greener lifestyle in our beautiful 4th floor walk up apartment in the middle of the city. 

I like people, talking, creating, mending, fixing, cooking,gardening and photography.  At times I find myself meddling, complaining, worrying and ranting.  - and I am always looking for the beauty in the mundane.

Both professionally and privately I believe there is a need for a slower, more present lifestyle - for the good of our planet, for the sake of our children and our own health. In this blog I share my road to this lifestyle. I don´t quite know how to get there, nor do I know what it looks like, but I am confident that I will know when I am close! 

- I hope you enjoy visiting with me and I really hope you come back often.  Please leave a note or a comment if you have some thoughts on the things I blog about.

I wish you all the best